How can you use Deltado?

Price changes

Thanks to Deltado you will be able to detect even the tiniest price changes on your competitors's or prospective contractor's websites. It will allow you to adjust your company's offer to the conditions of a particular industry faster than others..

New services

Your competitors have expanded their portfolio of products and services? Nowadays, most of customers want to get everything done in one place. Maybe they've come up with the idea that you should implement?

New functionalities

You create software and a competitive company has added new functionalities? You will have time to implement a similar solution. Sometimes one new functionality can influence the market dominance.

New products

A competitive store has added a new product? Deltado will give you information what it is and when it has been introduced. It will enable your offer to always be better than others'.

Product changes

There is a lack of certain products in a competitive store? Its stock level hasn't changed for several months? Or maybe they are constantly changing prices or testing products' descriptions? It's an opportunity for you to earn money.


You can monitor changes not only on municipal offices' or housing associations' websites but also other insitutions which often publish interesting trade offers without paying attention to their promotion.

A/B Testing

Instead of performing A/B tests on your website you can monitor your competitors' ones. You will know what they are testing and what they are deciding on. It will allow you to implement similar solutions at lower cost.

It's just a few potential applications. Our users constantly suprise us - how are You going to use Deltado?

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